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15th Feb 1789 - 25th Sep 1851

Life History

15th Feb 1789

Christened in St Marys C/E, Garforth, Yorkshire, England.

15th Feb 1789

Born in Garforth, Yorkshire, England, U.K..

7th Apr 1818

Married Dianna KABLE in St.Matthews C/E, Windsor, NSW, Australia.

about 1820

Birth of son John Henry TEALE in ,Windsor, NSW, Australia.


Birth of daughter Caroline Emmaline TEALE in ,Pitt Town, NSW, Australia.

20th Jul 1823

Birth of daughter Dianna BLANCH TEALE in ,Pitt Town, NSW, Australia.


Birth of son Joseph Thomas TEALE in ,Windsor, NSW, Australia.


Birth of son Henry William TEALE in ,Windsor, NSW, Australia.

29th Jul 1843

Death of daughter Dianna BLANCH TEALE.

25th Sep 1851

Died in ,Windsor, NSW, Australia.

28th Sep 1851

Buried in St. Mathews C/E, Windsor, NSW, Australia.


  • John arrived in Australia on the 25 April 1815 on the "INDEFATIGABLE"
    John Teale was born in York in 1787. He was tried in March 1813 at the
    Lancaster Courtand sentenced to Life. Do not know what the charges w
    ere, no
    record on theLancaster cort on Microfilm at the Mitchell Library. H
    e was
    assigned to Henry Kable at Windsor about a year later where he met Di
    ana. John Teale MarriedDiana Gaurdy .
    John Teale and Henry Kable were provably similar in build. Teale wa
    s 6'6" tall with a hook-nose, a dark moustache and beard, and smoke
    d apipe. He had the largest Flour Mill in the colony at the time. I
    t was calledFairy Dell Flour Mill at one time, also Endeavour Mill
    . It stood in George Street opposite Dight St. A team of 48 Horses i
    n shifts of 16 with 50 convictsoperated the Mill. He was intereste
    d in Horse racing and one of the foundersin the district. Races wer
    e held at Killarney near Mcgrath Hill from 1832. Teale was a stewar
    d along with George Loder and John McDonald. Teale mest havebeen fai
    rly well educated as his hadwriting was very good and his letters t
    o the Colonial Secrectary and others show this. He was a well liked m
    an and agenerous one.
    An interesting story that I have recently found out about, is Josep
    h Teale a
    young brother of John Teale migrated to NSW about 1837 at theage o
    f 29 (free
    man). There are a number of Joe Teales, all buried at St. Matthews Wi
    Joseph Snr. died on 9 May 1891 aged 83 yrs. at Windsor Hospital. Hi
    s grand
    neice Rose Ann Teale (always known as annie) apparently looked afte
    r him.
    Joseph married a Widow Isabella Brown in 1879 but Isabella diedbefor
    e Joseph.
    Above information from Joan Cox. 14 Nov. 1981.
    Also from Joan Cox.
    Early in 1982 I called at the 1788-1820 Association rooms in Assembl
    y House,
    Sydney, to make enquiries about some members of William Cox's roadbui
    lding team on the Blue Mountains routein 1814-1815. The Associatio
    n assistant that day was most interested in my research into the Kabl
    e/Teale family history.
    Surprisingly, the association had recently received a letter from a C
    Teale, a member of the Tealefamily in Yorkshire England. Christine h
    migrated to Australia some 15 years before with her husbank and youn
    g son.
    After living in Sydney then Melbourne the family moved to the warme
    r climate of Darwin! Since then Christin's household had expanded. He
    r young daughter
    brought home a little school library book entitled "Australia Day" wh
    mentioned the work and role of the 1788-1820 group. Hence Christine'
    s letter to the association and contacts withanother Teale researche
    r, Val Tuckwell and myself. So began an amazing trialogue on the Teal
    e family history between
    Christine, Val and I.
    One day during the march 1813 Court Session at Lancaster, England a y
    oung man, a butcher by trade, about 24 years old, stood in the dock w
    aiting to be
    sentenced. It is not known exactly what crime he committed, probabl
    y robbery or burglary. John Teale, a native of Yorkshire, was give
    n a Life Sentence. Most Likely Tealewas born in the family farmhous
    e at Garforth, near Leeds, Late in 1788. He was the first child of Th
    omas Teale and Ann Burton. The countryside around where the Teale fam
    ily built their homes 100 or 200 years ago and still standinghas his
    toric importance. Dick Turpin actually rode his horse through Teale p
    roperties on his ride to York.. Cromwell`s men fought and won a battl
    e there at one time.
    Young Teale spent two miserable years languishing in H.M. Prison befo
    boarding the Transport ship the "Indefatigable" bound for Port Jackso
    n. The
    "Indefatigable" under the control of Mast. Bowles reached its destina
    Sydney Cove, on the 26th April 1815. Shortly after his arrival, Joh
    n Teale was assigned to Mr. Henry Kable of Windsor. a Macquarie tow
    n situated 40 miles North-West of Sydney. John Teale's phy

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